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...with a strong sense of line, movement, and composition. Do you need real estate photography to advertise your commerical or residential building? Count on us to create beautifully lit, inviting images! Based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Please email or call 865-522-6853.

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As a home owner or a real estate agent selling a residential or commercial property you should know that the value of a listing diminishes the longer it stays on the market. Producing top flight marketing materials (including professional real estate photography) from the onset, increases the likelihood of a quicker sale at a higher price. Christian Lange Photography specializes in high end real estate photos in which we use supplemental lighting to create stunning interior photography, exteriors, and landscapes. On the average, we spend four hours to shoot a typical 2,000 to 3,000 square foot, 12-14 room project and an additional three hours in post production. Such a project bills for $800. You can expect to receive finished images in both high resolution files and web resolution for MLS within 2-3 business days.
If you are looking for professional photography that showcases your home or commercial property please call today to schedule a shoot!