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It's no secret... Good professional product photography increases the apparent value and sales of an item. People buy with their eyes! If you are looking for a product photographer to capture the quality and beauty of your items, we'd love to help! Please email or call 865-522-6853.

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What kind of products do we shoot? Bottles, furniture, leather goods, apparel goods, big machines, small machines, jewelry, rifles, cars, tools… you get the idea! If it can be made and sold, we’ve shot it. Most tabletop photography is produced in our photo studio. Very large objects are often photographed at the manufacturing plant. A good product photo captures all the subtleties, hues, and textures of an item. Perspective, background, and above all, lighting reveals the functionality and beauty that exists in any product. Much eCommerce photography is done on a pure white background. Other times the items are shot “in context” on a background that matches its application. In all cases the professional photographer looks to elevate the perceived value of the product. Customers buy attractive products!

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