Branding Your Business With Photography

By: Christian Lange

How you brand your business sets the tone for everything you do afterwards: How you advertise, how you handle your customers –even the appearance of your business and its products.

That's because your brand is the personality and identity of your organization and everything reflects that identity… your logo, your advertising, your storefront. Think Apple computers: anytime you walk into an Apple store, the facility, its employees, the window displays… everything says "we're cool, we're creative, we're on the cutting edge." Go to any Cracker Barrel restaurant and everything says: "we're homey, we're country, and we serve grits." This allows the customer to connect on a personal level.

The point of branding is to offer customers a distinct choice. If you hate country home cooking you stay away from Cracker Barrel. If you love fried catfish you know you're in the right place. Good branding doesn't try to please everyone, it let's people know clearly what you are. Then buyers makes the right choice.

One of the best ways to convey the feeling of your brand is through photography. Images are able to project mood and values where words would fall short or seem contrived. Just like packaging design invokes "high tech" or "intimate" or "elegant" a good product photograph lets someone know this item was made specifically for him or her. Miss the mark, or show the product in a poor light and suddenly the customer loses all interest.

In many cases, companies also like to put a face on the business; for example Dave Thomas with Wendy's, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or Jeff Bezos of Amazon. It's no accident that in three examples the business leaders are portrayed in a way that is consistent with their corporate culture. Headshots of management are shot with the same care given in creating a logo an advertising campaign.

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Branding With Photography