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Every professional benefits by putting a face behind your name or product. Personalizing your brand with clean, positive photography brings you closer to connecting with your customers. Creating natural headshots is what we do –in-studio or in your environment, . Regardless of your experience in front of the camera, count on us to make it simple. We produce business portraits that hit the mark and all post production is included. Your only responsibility: show up and let the magic happen! Please email or call 865-522-6853.

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Are you looking to develop consistent portrait photography for your company? We can help! Once we shoot your staff we can maintain that format and look -so all future corporate headshots have the same appearance. If you’re looking to shoot many people it may be better to set-up at your facility instead of of our photo studio. Doing so minimizes the disruption to your staff from their normal activities. Headshot photography can be created on a neutral background (for example a grey backdrop) or in the native environment of the person being photographed, thus called “environmental headshots.” Such images are more narrative and reveal something more about the nature of the subject’s work and the style of the company. We can always find a good spot or angle inside your offices to create a great environmental portrait. Professional headshots are one of our specialties at Christian Lange Photography. Trust us to create clean and consistently appealing images for your corporate photography.
Your digital identity
Why do you need a professional portrait photographer? In today's business environment, we all have a digital identity. Smart communicators don't leave this to chance. An identity is crafted. It conveys a brand. It sets the tone. It is the face behind a name –and is sometimes the viewer's first impression. We take the time to light a subject correctly, get a good expression, and finally, to retouch the best take.

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