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ultima foto
Our last family shot taken October 4, 2007 in Knoxville: grandaughter Patricia with baby Austin, daughter Barbara, Victoria, and her son Christian

nora bulnes
Publisher Nora Bulnes, Venezuelan designer Margarita Zingg, and Victoria at one of SELECTA's annual Christmas extravaganzas which everyone looks forward to each year.
jackie gleason
How sweet it is! A Miami icon who broadcast the country's most popular sitcom in the 60's (The Honeymooners) and later the Jackie Gleason show from Miami Beach. He had an intense interest in UFO's and confided once that his friend Richard Nixon had shown him two dead extraterrestials.

ame farewell
Victoria with several friends from AME (Accion de Mujeres Ecuatorianas) at Juan Manuel and Babbie's home.
Standing (L to R) Jessica Franco, Maria Dolores Avenarius, Pilar Aguirre de McLean, Susana Lopez Granado, Juan Manuel Pereira, Flor Bestulich, Laura Garcia.
Sitting (L to R)
Vilma Vivar de Hernandez, Barbara Lange de Pereira, Yolanda Loor, Victoria, Nancy Celli.


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