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Musical lineup trots out unique display   
   Swing music, progressive rock and break dancing
-oh my!

  While these three distinctive genres do not ordinarily elicit comparisons, they shared a common audience Saturday night at Knoxville's Relix Variety Theatre.
   Local acts Swingbooty, Oroboro and VolatomiX took the stage back-to-back for an evening in which the dance floor was undoubtedly the place to be.
   True to its name, the venue's inclusive variety of entertainment allowed for concert-goers to practice their Lindy Hop one song and their Six Step the next.

   Megan Patterson, freshman in biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology and psychology, thought the impromptu swing dancing that erupted during Swingbooty's gypsy-jazz set made for a pleasant surprise.
   "Swingbooty was fantastic," she said. "Watching a crowd of 21st Century college students break it down like our grandparents' generation was extremely entertaining and unlike any other show I've attended. Although their sound was foreign to the typical college scene, they really drew everyone in and owned the crowd.

   When not jitterbugging herself, Patterson, a first time visitor to Relix, made note of the venue's offbeat, scruffy feel. What stood out to me was the relaxed,
Christian LangeKukuly
Swingbooty players: 1) Vocalist Yasameen Hoffman-Shahin and guitarist Jake Smith; 2) Christian Lange on violin, Grant Parker on bass; 3) Crowd forms a conga line; 4) Kukuly Uriarte on guitar, Luke Bowers on drums, and Kyle Bothof on sax.   PHOTOS: JANIE PRAHAMMAVONG
eclectic atmosphere," she said. "I think the fact that it is further away from campus ensures that only actual fans of the band will make the trip and everyone at the venue will be into the performance."
   The all-ages show drew as diverse a crowd as its musical attractions. Audience members spanning from teenagers with glow sticks to older couples in dapper 1940's-evocative looks intermingled on the floor.
   A curtain of heavily draped string lights created a starry stage backdrop, and a large canvas accompanied by...     Click
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